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Version is now available - Version 9 upgrades add:

New data fields, cumulative fixes & more...

New comprehensive Office Equipment Inventory tracking with licensing and expiration fields

NEW REPORTS: - Enrollment Outlier Reports by Date Range, - Equipment Inventory Expiration Report by Date Range, - Entity Form Status Report - Providers – Resident Information Report, added in response to expanded pandemic contact information needs - Expanded ability to export report data for viewing and manipulation in Microsoft Excel



2024 CREDENTIALING ROADMAP >>> NEW VERSION >>> v~ONE (powerful cloud solution) An entirely new threshold of:



Accessibility &

Data sharing



Full multi-vendor functionality

Integrated Delivered Goods Forms

Dashboard highlights

* Surgeries by day

* Surgeries month-to-date

* Sales to quota

* Sales without a PO

* Surgeries by provider

* Surgeries by rep


- MassHealth Nonbilling Provider Contract for Individuals* - MassHealth Provider Application NONBILLING PROVIDER* *(also known as Ordering, Referring, and Prescribing Providers) - Valley Health System - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Clinical Privileges - VHS FINAL 5/2023 - TriWest HCA CAQH Prov Info.WB6 (TriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest) - Practitioner Credentialing Application - Provider Services - Form Number FS42045) - Page 2 Only - Kern Health Care Network Provider Credentialing Form - TRICARE Non-Network Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Application (TRICARE West) - TRICARE Non-Network Bundle CRNA - CSW - RN - PA Applications (TRICARE West) - University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (UMC) - Reappointment Application - Silver State Surgery Center West LLC - Physician Credentialing Form - Blue Shield of California - Individual Practitioner Record Application (RA-01) - Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers Credentialing Application - West Sunset Surgery Center (Minimally Invasive Center of Excellence) - dba MICOE - Privilege Delineation List for Anesthesia - REVISED 12-22-22 - Health Net California Physician Network Participation Request Form - Pancholi Cosmetic Surgery Center - RE-APPOINTMENT APPLICATION TO MEDICAL STAFF - Pancholi Cosmetic Surgery Center - Delineation of Privileges - ANESTHESIA - Silver State Surgery Center West LLC - Physician Credentialing Form - University Medical Center of Southern Nevada - Dept. of Anesthesia - Delineation of Privileges

Every day we make it easier for you to securely manage and use data to create value for yourself or your clients.


Medical service providers must periodically furnish their credentials to organizations for which they are providing services to validate eligibility for participation and full reimbursement.  The process of submitting this provider (or facility) information to the organization is called credentialing enrollment.  The organization receiving the credentials may be a hospital, insurance company, government program (Medicare/PECOS, Medicaid), clinic, HMO, MCO, CVO, credentialing database (e.g. CAQH ProView) or any of a myriad of other healthcare related entities.

Wybtrak's Credentialing Management Solution simplifies the process of managing and submitting credentialing enrollment data and documents.

  • -Enter or import provider data
  • -Automatically populate enrollment and other forms (mapped for you by Wybtrak)
  • -Track and manage the status of form submissions and credentialing relationships
  • -Set preferences and start getting reminders of key enrollment events, license renewals & important tasks
  • -Run reports to keep your team updated and well informed 


 How do you increase sales, improve service levels and manage greater complexity at a lower cost? If you add Surgitrak and have the leadership skills to motivate your team's adoption, you will increase sales, increase service levels and increase profitability. 

SURGITRAK is a cloud-based, business management solution for the medical device supply chain including medical device reps, distributors, manufacturers and facilities managing or utilizing medical devices.

Surgitrak, has been developed over decades by field experts (reps, sales managers, distributors, facilities) and manufacturers working closely, on every detail, with developers. Continuously refined and updated for ease-of-use and the power of its business intelligence, Surgitrak is the medical device vertical's most important tool for those aspiring to be the best, the most effective, in their care community role. 

Wybtrak’s Wyb2Form (W2F) Solutions automate the pre-encounter or collection of patient information and history data via a secure Internet application. Patient data is automatically formatted as desired and W2F clients are instantly notified new patient data is available. Save data entry time and increase patient satisfaction with Wyb2Form solutions.

(Available online at www.healthsubmit.com)  HealthSubmit.com is an easy to implement, secure Solution for collecting patient data. 

The design of the HealthSubmit Solution was guided by practice needs to:

  • Reduce patient waiting times and increase patient convenience,

  • Create convenient tools for patients to submit legible history, demographics and symptom information prior to their visit,

  • Save staff time formatting patient information to complement clinician workflow, and

  • Maintain data privacy and security in compliance with HIPAA standards.

HealthSubmit makes it easy for you to add secure, practice/provider-level customized, interactive patient information and history data collection to your practice or enterprise portal.

Wybtrak’s Internet Clinical Studies Solution leverages Internet security technology, database encryption and expert programming to deploy powerful, easy-to-use systems for comprehensive, turnkey clinical study data collection and management.

WYBAIR is an easy-to-use, intuitive, flight scheduling solution for progressive aircraft owners that want the power of a unified scheduling solution without the associated business and maintenance costs commonly associated with delegating the scheduling responsibility. WybAir capabilities include:

  • Creating color-coded schedule and maintenance visibility for all users and pilots
  • Easy-to-use flight scheduling and pilot confirmations
  • Multi-leg and layover tracking capabilities
  • Flight, aircraft and user log tracking
  • Key reports, formatted for Excel, are downloadable
  • Multi-aircraft scheduling capability  

Wybtrak offers an online laboratory scheduling platform called Labtelligent

The Labtelligent platform utilizes a client organization’s laboratory, lab procedure, lab user and lab safety attributes to automate the laboratory scheduling experience for its clients and their lab user community. 

The Labtelligent platform effectively combines and integrates data, facility, user and procedural attributes with administrative tools, all in one platform, to deliver lab-wide, department-wide or enterprise-wide visibility and actionable intelligence, in real-time, to clients and their authorized users.   

Each client and its community of users gain access to an instance of Labtelligent, personalized with its logo and the organization’s color palette. Authorized Labtelligent users can access this personalized instance via contemporary browsers.


Wybtrak focuses on product development in the health care vertical.  The health care vertical enjoys the constancy of enormous and dynamic pressure. We believe delivering powerful, effective, easy-to-use software and support, at market leading prices, best positions our clients for success and a robust ROI.