Wyb2Form & HealthSubmit

Wybtrak’s Wyb2Form (W2F) Solutions, like HealthSubmit.com, automate the collection of data or patient information via a secure Internet application. The submitted data is automatically formatted per your requirements and W2F clients are instantly notified new data is available. You save data entry time and increase patient satisfaction with Wyb2Form solutions.

HealthSubmit makes it easy for you to add secure, practice/provider-level customized, interactive patient information and history data collection to your practice or enterprise portal.

HealthSubmit.com, an example of Wybtrak’s W2F solution, is an easy to implement, secure Solution for collecting patient data.

The design of the HealthSubmit.com was guided by practice needs to affordably:

  • Reduce patient waiting times,
  • Increase patient convenience, and
  • Enhance provider workflow and productivity.

Your Care or Business objectives --> Digitized for success!

Leverage HealthSubmit.com to deploy convenient tools for patients to submit legible history, demographics and symptom information prior to their visit.

Or, work with Wybtrak to deploy a W2F solution to meet your unique care or business objectives.


An elegant solution, linked through the practice's portal, that:


... Saves staff time formatting patient information to complement clinician workflow,

... Maintains data privacy and security in compliance with HIPAA standards,

... Increases patient and provider satisfaction, and

... Drives efficiency and profitability