SURGITRAK - The profitability solution for the medical device industry.

Welcome to SurgiTrak! The profitability solution for the medical device industry.

How do you increase sales, improve service levels and manage greater complexity at a lower cost?

Premise 1     You must take care of the customer: Or there won’t be demand to forecast or sales to close. 

Premise 2     Success is not an accident: It takes dedication, planning and a system designed to facilitate desired outcomes. 

An easy-to-use scheduling interface is critical to returning the patient to health and a healthy bottom line for medical device reps, distributors and manufacturers.

One of the first steps towards building an accurate demand forecast is scheduling surgeries.* 

When you factor in elements like trauma cases, just-in-time inventory management, backorders, unexpected changes in patient health status, contracts affecting reimbursement and competitive pressures, there is no room for error in knowing what your customers need and when they need it.

With Surgitrak it's easy to schedule the surgery and assess the inventory, in real time.

* If your situation demands more, Surgitrak makes it easy to import historical sales data or build sales history over time.  Use historical data to determine the relationship between scheduled and closed, scheduled and postponed, or scheduled and canceled surgeries.  You can analyze these statistics by type of surgery, procedure, product, surgeon, surgical facility, rep, office, territory, region or other variables.


Q: How do you maximize sales and client satisfaction?

A: Be sure you can deliver the product, EXACTLY WHEN it's in demand. 

Q: How do you do this profitably?

A:  Make it convenient, EASY and cost-effective with a solution like Surgitrak.


Visibility into the entire product family, by location, positions Surgitrak users to avoid product outages and overstock.

By matching available inventory across the enterprise with surgery schedules, Surgitrak users more accurately forecast product needs and can take steps to order new product or release unneeded product.



Think about the business metrics you want to know. For some, this thought is clouded by the loss of productive resources that must be allocated to compiling the information. 

With Surgitrak, the clouds have been parted. As a web-based solution, you can access your business data at anytime and anywhere you have access to the World Wide Web.

By using a live, interactive database, you can access today’s results, future projections, and historical facts, in real-time, with up-to-the-second data.


If you need to build context around the data, use Surgitrak reporting tools to build a custom report that gives you exactly what you need.

With Surgitrak, the data is there for you, when you want it, organized how you need it.


Surgitrak is SaaS solution designed for and optimized for the full range of environments and lifestyles of its users.

As a private cloud-based solution, you can access your business data at any time and anywhere you have access to World Wide Web. Using a contemporary browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer gives you responsive access your data. 

Taking some time offline? Download or print your custom or standard reports. Up-to-the-second business intel will be waiting when you get back online.

For Surgitrak, MOBILITY also means the capability to scan or import data remotely, directly from your device.

Mobile capabilities are optimized for Apple and Android phones and devices.


Data Management is a key consideration when assessing business management solutions. The rep, distributor, territory or region-based management and manufacturers are concerned with how data integrates with legacy systems, systems yet to be deployed and files used to communicate products, catalogs, and prices. Surgitrak’s flexible architecture and Wybtrak’s energetic focus on optimizing your results will position you to leverage your current and future hardware, software, mobile and cloud investments. 


Delivering the absolute best services to your client requires that you have the capability to collaborate with upstream and downstream partners at strategic, tactical and operational levels. 
Surgitrak positions you to fully participate in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) activities with your supply chain partners.


Never before has it been this easy to deploy the capability to:

  • Determine actual demand and the actual demand pipeline
  • Assess the probability that the demand pipeline for future periods will materialize
  • Instantly have access to detailed order history for the clients scheduling future surgeries
  • Share actual, up-to-the-minute sales results for current periods, past periods and scheduled demand
  • Dynamically see inventory shortages and excesses as schedules are updated to add, change or cancel surgeries
  • Instantly view the status of POs
  • Respond to inquiries with accurate product, family, lot and part number details by: surgery, surgeon, hospital or surgical facility, region/territory, distributor, sales team and by rep
  • Promptly update product catalogs and prices
  • Expediently integrate complex contracts
  • Access and complete delivered goods and compliance documents at the point of sale

Surgitrak puts you in the best position to keep clients and partners informed, minimize stockouts, minimize excess inventory and leverage business intelligence to provide superior service and increase profitability.  

Use Surgitrak to be a great partner for your customers and everyone else in your supply chain.


Surgitrak is designed and tested to facilitate excellence in medical device distributor performance. 

In today’s marketplace, with increasingly sophisticated products, surgical techniques and regulatory requirements, distributors need a business management solution that drives profitable sales AND reduces operational costs.

As a key partner in the supply chain, Surgitrak users have the capability to efficiently support the compliance objectives of affiliated manufactures, final distributors (such as licensed practitioners, hospitals and other types of device user facilities) and their own operations.

The ability to track delivered devices at the lot and product number level, supports the need for prompt and efficient reporting and management of device related events.

To position users to meet both compliance and governance requirements, on a 24x7x365 basis, Surgitrak security and availability features include:

  • Secure data transmission,
  • User authentication,
  • Multiple hardware firewalls,
  • State-of-the-art intrusion detection,
  • Access controls,
  • Physical security,
  • Data encryption,
  • Computer and device redundancy, and
  • Power, systems and Internet redundancy.


Building profitability. In the dynamic marketplace and challenging economic environment we face today, it’s essential to increase the number of variables you can control or influence. It’s also essential to consistently execute your plan relative to the variables you can influence.

By implementing Surgitrak, you can gain real-time, simultaneous visibility into the past, present and scheduled demand and inventory.

No matter your position in the supply chain, increasing visibility positions you to act with greater precision. Your plans are more accurate, customers are better served, expensive shipping is minimized and inventory turns are optimized.

With Surgitrak your salespeople can schedule product and service delivery directly on their Internet-enabled mobile phone or other devices.  Thus your entire organization is positioned, in real-time, to know:

  • If there is adequate inventory,
  • The shipping arrangements that will be needed to meet demand, and
  • Projected revenue based on existing contracts.

Details matter. Lot and product number details are easily integrated with Delivered Goods Forms and tracking seamlessly flow to the product family and part number levels.

Take advantage of reminders. With reminders, it’s easy for your sales team to include all procedure and system related charges on the delivered goods documentation, even in inter-operative settings.

Leverage contract automation. With Surgitrak, you can integrate sophisticated contract strategies and maximize average sales price.

Surgitrak can help you grow top line revenue and reduce expenses. Contact us to discuss how easy it is to put Surgitrak’s to work enhancing your profitability.

Developed over decades, built for the cloud and mobility.