The thrill of positioning clients for success...the test of time... the privilege of service...

Providers, patients and the organizations that serve them in the health care vertical enjoy the constancy of enormous and dynamic pressure. We at Wybtrak believe delivering powerful, effective, easy-to-use software and support, at market leading prices, best positions our health care vertical clients for success and a robust ROI.

In fact, it’s been our privilege to serve those that deliver and support the health of their communities for more than 20 years. After years of planning, research and product development, Wybtrak was incorporated in 1995.

The dedication to developing solutions that position you for success is our constant. Watch for upgrades to current products and new solutions for tomorrow's needs. If you find a gap in the universe of software or internet solutions that will help you better serve your community, or make life easier for you, contact us to collaborate on a new solution.

Let's start our better tomorrow...together, starting today!