Make the lab experience at your organization as easy as it can be by deploying Labtelligent.  The lab community is made up of a diverse group with a wide-range of lab related needs and responsibilities.  Postion your lab community to make the best use of and decisions about your labs, their experiments, equipment use and safety, in real time, intelligently.

At a glance, Labtelligent's automated, personalized dashboard makes it easy for each authorized user to know the status of labs, key personnel status, pending and completed items, and more.

How does Labtelligent position me for success upon launch? Efficiency, quality, transactional speed, safety and other benefits of Labtelligent naturally show themselves over time.  A key driver of your success upon launch comes from the integration of your workflowThe Labtelligent onboarding process includes learning about your current workflow and forms, then promptly moves to create a highly functional digital environment that is packed with new capabilities and yet is familiar and easy for your community to adopt.

Labtelligent accommodates the wide range of relationships needed to automate your experiment planning and lab schedule.  Labtelligent integrates equipment by lab, protocols, safety logic, and authorized personnel.

Designed to accommodate both Mass and Activity units, Labtelligent can also be configured to perform conversions, take into account the state of experimental materials and logically relate multiple attributes to safety level calculations.

If you have established experiment protocols, the protocols can be incorporated into Labtelligent and thus become a seamless part of the experiment and lab scheduling process for your community.

Your lab community may be unique from other lab communities in every attribute or just a couple.  Labtelligent's flexibility extends to supporting the user type definitions and roles needed by your community.

In many cases, the process of scheduling a lab to perform an experiment produces meaningful data and informationLabtelligent can expedite the assembly of relevant facts generated by the lab scheduling process

Consider all of the variables in lab scheduling, therein is the basis for a report that will support your publication, or lead to the more efficient use of time, facility, equipment, personnel and other resources.