WybAir is an intuitive flight scheduling solution for clients with a single or multiple aircraft.  Highlighted below is a sample welcome page, which is a color-coded dashboard displaying the current month's aircraft status.  Review all the WybAir tabs and learn about more WybAir features. 

After your secure login, your personalized WybAir portal opens with a dasboard displaying the aircraft activitiy scheduled in your portal for the current month. With one click, advance the monthly schedule to past or future months, or specify the period you want to view.

You will quickly become familiar with the color code by referring to your portal's legend.

Intuitive navigation options are available on every page.


Flight scheduling is easy and intuitive for groups with single or multiple aircraft.

Multileg flight scheduling is easy too.

Selecting View Scheduled Flights displays a summary of:

  • Flights you scheduled
  • Flight schedules confirmed by your pilot
  • Flights that were cancelled

Its easy to drill down to view specific flight details.

The flight detail interface gives users additional communication and record keeping capabilities.

If its beneficial to your flight planning, passenger and cargo weight estimates can be entered to facilitate range calculations.


Do you need log details?  A log interface delivers a convenient way to select relevant time periods for online viewing or downloading flight log data.

The log automatically adjusts to reflect the number of passengers the selected aircraft can accomodate.

Findings ways to streamline aircraft scheduling greatly enhances the private aircraft experience for owners, members and pilots.

Self-scheduling via Wybtrak's WybAir solution is not only easy and affordable, it may better position you for optimal scheduling and maintenance cost management.  

Make the skies even friendlier by reducing hassle, potential scheduling conflicts and expenses with WybAir.